A New Beginning

It took 8 years of being on anti-psychotics and mood stabilizers to realize that I probably didn’t even need to be taking them. Don’t get me wrong, these pills have their benefits and should be used to treat people who suffer from severe mental issues. But they need to be used with great caution alongside other supports. They shouldn’t be given without rigorous attention to a persons mental history and a consideration and openness to all possibilities for why someone might be acting the way they do. I was never given that opportunity and I have a feeling that there may be others out there with similar stories of being given these kinds of so called solutions when they might have just had a bad day, anxiety, a rush of excitement that didn’t last, or even a full blown episode but without a healthy look at the alternatives to what could bring balance back to what was temporarily a troubled soul. It’s not easy. People are complicated. Brains are complicated.

I was told it was just a matter of finding the right mix. I never found it and thank God I will never have to if things keep going the way they are. Yes there is a chance that I could relapse. The voices could come back. The depression and suicidal thoughts could come back. But I’m not worried. I didn’t start hearing voices until I was injected with abilify. I didn’t start feeling depressed until I was taking lithium and haldol for several months and I didn’t start having suicidal thoughts until I was put on risperidone. Not to mention the tremors that came when I was put on clopixol. Some people aren’t as sensitive to medication as I am. The problem is some people are and they are going to struggle just like I did.

Anyways I’m feeling pretty good for the time being. I’ve been off the three anti-psychotics known as risperidone, clopixol, and loxapine as well as the mood stabilizer epival for over two months now. Sleep has been a bit challenging but oddly enough I don’t feel tired. I’ll post more about how I came off the pills. Stay tuned.

WARNING: Don’t stop taking your medications without your Psychiatrist knowing. There is a proper way to taper off them safely.

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I hope this blog entry has been some help to you. Please leave a comment if the holy spirit leads you to do so or use my contact form to get in touch with me directly. I’ve struggled with mental illness for over 8 years and I think I can offer some good suggestions with whatever you are going through (not a Christian? No worries. I offer my advice to you as well). Also, I am open to criticism and would encourage even the non-believer or those of other faiths to offer his/her opinion. Thanks for taking the time to read this article.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all (2 Corinthians 13:14).

Alive in Christ


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