My name is Ryan John Moore and I was diagnosed as Bipolar in 2013 and later Schizoaffective disorder. This blog is a way, if anything, for me to talk about mental health, my experiences, my faith, and hopefully connect with others for support.

I was born on a dairy farm just outside Waterford Ontario with two older brothers.

I grew up there in a Christian home thanks to my parents (Gord and Sherrie Moore) and lived a life of hard work, sports (soccer and basketball) and lots of other fun things like Super Mario Brothers (Nintendo) and Age of Empires (The famous PC game by Ensemble Studios). Can you tell I was born in 1985?

I started out going to school at good old Boston Public, then Townsend Central (Junior high), then on to Assumption College in Brantford and finally Holy Trinity in Simcoe Ontario to finish off my high school years. Overall I had great experiences learning, playing and praying at these schools. Made a few friends. Sure there were bad days. Breaking up with my first love at Boston. Breaking down during a 200m run at Townsend (legs just stopped working near the end). Almost getting into a fight on my first anxious day at Assumption. And not having a date to go to Prom with at Holy Trinity. Life wasn’t perfect. But you know what? I always seemed to bounce right back up. Even after getting horribly drunk then nearly getting lost then vomiting profusely on a High School Europe trip in Rome I recovered. I felt guilty afterwards of course. The Holy Spirit wouldn’t let me get away with something so stupid so easily. But he did more than just convict me, he looked after me and helped turn it into a learning experience through the care of the teachers that were chaperoning. I never struggled with alcohol afterwards. No. My biggest struggles were yet to come.

I never went to college. I suppose I missed out on a lot that way. I ended up self-teaching myself Web Design and found great joy in designing layouts and eventually coding the html and css. You can see some of my sites at lowcarbrecipeideas.com, jp-customcarpentry.com, and ontarioorchardsupply.com or my old gallery at https://www.deviantart.com/rjm/gallery/all.

That’s all for now. If you want to know more feel free to use my contact form.